MXR Super Badass Distortion Review

OverviewEvery guitar player needs a reliable and great-sounding distortion pedal in their pedalboard. Distortion pedals add extra dirt and growl to your tone to be able to deliver powerful riffs and solos. They transform your clean signal into a textured and gritty distorted tone for those intense riffs and screaming guitar solos. Distortion effects are … Read more

Modulation Effect Pedals

Modulation Effects

In electronics and telecommunications, modulation is defined as a process in which one or more properties of a periodic waveform is altered based on the information to be transmitted.The periodic waveform that gets altered is known as the carrier signal. When we talk of guitar modulation effects, it is not exactly the same process as … Read more

Boss RC 3 Review

OverviewEvery guitarist has wanted to jam along to some song in the middle of the night to practice licks and or “noodle” around for fun. We’ve also been through that moment when we would come up with a riff or chord progression that we’d like to jam to alone. Fortunately, looper pedals are a thing … Read more