B Major Scale

Each scale has its own distinctive mood and evokes different feelings. The knowledge of scales is essential to improvise as you develop a deep understanding of chords, progressions, and even the ability to write your own music.

In this B major scale article, we will cover all the nuances of playing this scale on guitar. This includes its theory, intervals, notes, chords, relative & parallel minors, patterns on the fretboard, how to play each pattern, etc.

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Introduction To B Major scale

B major is considered a remote key to C due to its distance from C in the circle of fifths. It has five sharps in its key signature and uses all the black keys. Hence, Frédéric Chopin considered it one of the easiest scales to play.

It is considered a strongly colored key that announces wild passions. There are often negative emotions associated with it, like Anger, Jealousy, Fury, Despair, Burdened with negative energy, and Prepared to fight.

While it has not been used much for classical compositions, there are a lot of popular pop songs by artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Backstreet Boys, etc., in this key.

The list of symphonies in B Major is presented here.

B Major Scale Notes

The notes of the B Major scale are

  • 1st Note – Root – B
  • 2nd Note – M2 – C#
  • 3rd Note – M3 – D#
  • 4th Note – P4 – E
  • 5th Note – P5 – F#
  • 6th Note – M6 – G#
  • 7th Note – M7 – A#

The notes of the B Major scale are {B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, B(O)}, where B(O) is the B note one octave higher than the root. A# is the leading tone for this scale.

The key signature of the B major scale has five sharps. Hence to play it on a piano keyboard, you require five black and two white keys.


Scale Degrees

Intervals Root M2 M3 P4 P5 M6 M7P8
Scale Degrees12345671(8)
Notes BC#D#EF#G#A#B(O)

B Major Scale On The Treble And Bass Clef:

Treble Clef:

B Major Scale Ascending and Descending on the Treble Clef

Bass Clef:

B Major Scale Ascending and Descending on the Bass Clef

B Major Scale Guitar Positions

You can see the complete scale in a single line on the A string.

B Major Scale Up to 15 Fret 02

Observe the Caged Patterns of the B Major scale in the diagram below.

B Major Scale Patterns

The Guitar tabs for the five CAGED patterns are shown in the diagram below.

E Shaped Scale Pattern

B Scale - E Shape

D Shaped Pattern

B Scale - D Shape

C Shaped Pattern

B Scale - C Shape

A Shaped Pattern

B Scale - A Shape

G Shaped Pattern

B Scale - G Shape

Fingering Arrangement for Scale Patterns

B Major Scale Fingering 01

What Are The Chords Of The B Major Key?

Scale Degrees1234567
Chord DesignationIiiiiiIVVviviidim
Scale Degree NamesTonicSuper-TonicMediantSub-DominantDominantSub-MediantLeading Tone
Chord NamesBC#mD#mEF#GmA#dim
Chord QualityMajorminorminorMajorMajorminordim

The following triad chords result from harmonizing the B major scale.

  1. Three Major chords – I, IV, and V – B, E, and F# Major chords.
  2. Three minor chords – ii, iii, and vi – C#m, D#m, and G#m.
  3. One diminished chord, the vii° – A#dim.
  4. Dominant Chord – 5th scale degree – F# Major
  5. Subdominant Chord – 4th Scale Degree – E Major

Note Names In These Triad Chords?

Scale DegreesIntervalsChord NotesChord Name
1R – B – M3 – D# – m3 – F#B D# F#B
2R – C# – m3 – E – M3 – G#C# E G#C#m
3R – D# – m3 – F# – M3 – A#D# F# A#D#m
4R – E – M3 – G# – m3 – BE G# BE
5R – F# – M3 – A# – m3 – C#F# A# C#F#
6R – G# – m3 – B – M3 – D#G# B D#G#m
7R – A# – m3 – C# – m3 – EA# C# EA#dim

7th Chords Of B Major Scale With Notes

Scale DegreesChord NameRoman N DesignationChord Notes
1BMaj7IM7B - D# - F# - A#
2C#m7iim7C# - E - G# - B
3D#m7iiim7D# - F# - A# - C#
4EMaj7IVM7E - G# - B - D#
5F#7V7F# – A# – C# - E
6G#m7vim7G# – B – D# - F#
7A#m7b5viiø7A# – C# – E - G#

Relative & Parallel Minor Of B major

Relative Minor: G# minor scale with its seven notes – {G#, A#, B, C#, D#, E and F#}. This has the same notes and key signature as its related major, as per the music theory.

Parallel Minor: B minor scale with the notes {B, C#, D, E, F#, G, & A} – Two Sharp Notes.

Enharmonic Equivalent: Cb Major scale {Cb, Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, and Bb} – Seven Flat notes.

Modes Of B Major Scale

  1. B Ionian.
  2. C# Dorian.
  3. D# Phrygian.
  4. E Lydian.
  5. F# Mixolydian.
  6. G# Aeolian.
  7. A# Locrian.

Songs In The Key Of B Major

Some of the popular songs in the key of B Major Scale are:

  1. “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses.
  2. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.
  3. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.
  4. “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles.
  5. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.
  6. “Queen Of California” by John Mayer.
  7. “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen.
  8. “Heart‐Shaped Box” by Nirvana.
  9. “Highway to Hell” by AC-DC.
  10. “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa.
  11. “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits.
  12. “Yellow” by Coldplay.


Now that you are familiar with the B major scale, you need to practice regularly to master it. We request players who are conversant and experienced with the scale to share their experience for the benefit of the beginners in the comment section below.

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