D Flat Minor Scale

Learning guitar scales improves technique and allows you to improvise and do your own songwriting. This article on the D Flat Minor scale will cover its music theory, staff diagrams, guitar patterns on the fretboard, guitar tabs, fingerings, modes, chords, associated/related scales, and other details.

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D Flat Minor Scale Notes

The notes any natural minor scale are given by the formula {W H W W H W W} using Db as the first note:

  • 1st Note – Root – Db
  • 2nd Note – M2 – Eb
  • 3rd Note – m3 – Fb
  • 4th Note – P4 – Gb
  • 5th Note – P5 – Ab
  • 6th Note – m6 – Bbb
  • 7th Note – m7 – Cb

The notes of the Db Minor scale are {Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, Bbb, Cb, and Db(O)}, where Db(O) is the Db note one octave higher than the root.

From the above notes, you can see that the key signature of the D Flat natural minor scale has six flats and one double flat. Playing it on a piano keyboard requires three white and four black piano keys. The notes of the Db natural minor scale on the Piano Keyboard are shown below.

D Flat Major Scale on Piano Keyboard

The D Flat harmonic minor scale notes are Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, Bbb, C, and Db(O).

The notes of the D flat melodic minor scale (ascending) are Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, Bb, C, and Db(O).

Scale Degrees

Intervals Root M2 m3 P4 P5 m6/M6m7/M7P8
Scale Degrees12345671(8)
Natural MinorDbEbFbGbAbBbbCbDb(O)
Harmonic MinorDbEbFbGbAbBbbCDb(O)
Melodic MinorDbEbFbGbAbBbCDb(O)

D Flat Minor Scale On The Treble And Bass Clef:

Treble Clef:

D Flat Minor Scale on Treble Clef

Bass Clef:

D Flat Minor Scale on Bass Clef

D Flat Minor Scale Guitar Positions

Linked CAGED Patterns.

The Db Flat Minor scale exists in a straight line on the B string.

D Flat Minor Scale Up to 15 Fret

Five CAGED Patterns

D Flat Minor Scale Patterns

Guitar Tabs For The CAGED Patterns

E Shaped Scale Pattern

D Flat Minor - E Shape

D Shaped Pattern

D Flat Minor - D Shape

C Shaped Pattern

D Flat Minor - C Shape

A Shaped Pattern

D Flat Minor - A Shape

G Shaped Pattern

D Flat Minor - G Shape

Fingering Arrangement For Scale Patterns

D Flat Minor Scale Fingerings

The Chords Of The D Flat Minor Key?

Scale Degrees1234567
Chord DesignationiiidimIIIivvVIVII
Chord NamesDbmEbdimFbGbmAbmBbbCb
Chord QualityminordiminishedMajorminorminorMajorMajor

The following triad chords result from the D Flat minor scale.

  1. Three Major chords – III, VI, and VII – Fb major, Bbb major, and Cb major.
  2. Three minor chords – i, iv, and v – Dbm, Gbm, and Abm.
  3. One diminished chord, the ii°, Ebdim.
  4. Dominant Chord – Ab major formed from the 5th scale degree of the Db Harmonic Minor scale.

Note Names In These Triad Chords.

Scale DegreesIntervalsChord NotesChord Name
1R – Db – m3 – Fb – M3 – AbDb – Fb – AbDbm
2R – Eb – m3 – Gb – m3 – BbbEb – Gb – BbbEbdim
3R – Fb – M3 – Ab – m3 – CbFb – Ab – CbFb
4R – Gb – m3 – Bbb – M3 – DbGb – Bbb – DbGbm
5R – Ab – m3 – Cb – M3 – EbAb – Cb – EbAbm
6R – Bbb – M3 – Db – m3 – FbBbb – Db – FbBbb
7R – Cb – M3 – Eb – m3 – GbCb – Eb – GbCb

7th Chords Of D Flat Minor Scale

Scale DegreesChord NameRoman N DesignationChord Notes
1Dbm7im7Db - Fb - Ab - Cb
2Ebm7b5iiø7Eb - Gb - Bbb - Db
3FbMaj7IIIM7Fb - Ab - Cb - Eb
4Gbm7ivm7Gb - Bbb - Db - Fb
5Abm7vm7Ab – Cb – Eb - Gb
6BbbMaj7VIM7Bbb – Db – Fb - Ab
7Cb7VII7Cb – Eb – Gb - Bbb

Relative & Parallel Minor Of D Flat Minor

Relative Major Key: F Flat Major Scale {Fb, Gb, Ab, Bbb, Cb, Db, Eb, Db, and Eb}. Relative major and minor scales have the same notes.

Parallel scale: D Flat Major scale {Db, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, and C}. Its key signature has five flats.

Enharmonic equivalent: C Sharp Minor with notes {C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A, and B}. Its key signature has four sharps.

The Modes of the D Flat Minor Scale

The 7 diatonic modes of the D Flat Natural Minor Scale are:

  1. D Flat – Aeolian Mode.
  2. E Flat – Locrian Mode.
  3. F Flat – Ionian Mode.
  4. G Flat – Dorian Mode.
  5. A Flat – Phrygian Mode.
  6. B Double Flat – Lydian Mode.
  7. C Flat – Mixolydian Mode.

Songs In The Key Of D Flat Minor

Some of the popular songs in the key of D Flat Minor Scale are:

  1. “It’s About Time” by SWV.
  2. “Share My World” by Mary J. Blige.
  3. “Knockin’ da Boots” by H-Town.
  4. “Nasty” by Janet Jackson.
  5. “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye.
  6. “Message in the Bottle” by The Police.
  7. “Aquemini” by OutKast.


So now you have got all the information you required to start practicing the D Flat Minor scale. Still, if you have any comments or need any additional clarifications, write to us in the section below.

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