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Guitar Learning & Guides

Electric Guitars for Kids

Best Electric Guitar for Kids

Is your kid ready to rock? Some guitar teachers encourage parents to have their children learn to play on acoustic guitars, but others say that a smaller-size electric guitar is great for learning, too. This is especially true if you have a child who wants to experiment with effects pedals and creating a sound. In … Read more

Ibanez RG450DX Review

If you need a solid mid-range electric guitar, Ibanez is a great brand to select. While they’re known for quality student guitars, their higher-end options are played by the likes of Steve Vai. Today, we’ll be looking at an especially versatile Ibanez — the RG450DX. This three-pickup double-cutaway is just as at home shredding as … Read more

Gretsch G5426 Review

Gretsch is a company known for its unique guitars, and especially for their hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars. However, they also make respectable solid-body electrics for decent prices. One such solid-body is the Gretsch Electromatic G5426 Jet Club. This Les Paul-style electric offers a glowing, vintage-style tone, and its eye-catching silver finish is at home … Read more

Best Lap Steel Guitar Review

Best Lap Steel Guitar

Whether you want to start your guitar journey off a little differently or just want to expand your musical repertoire, a lap steel guitar can be great to have. This remarkable instrument may be best known in Hawaiian music, but lap steels have made memorable appearances in blues, country, and western records.However, if you’re new … Read more