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Guitar Learning & Guides

Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar

Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Music has to be one of life’s most beautiful and meaningful gifts. Why does it have the ability to evoke emotion in an instant, bring back a memory within a second, and truly affect every fiber of our being? Perhaps it is for reasons such as these that you are thinking about setting out on … Read more

Guitar Maintenance

Guitar Maintenance

Introduction to Guitar Maintenance The easiest and the most economical way to ensure your expensive guitar is working like a well-oiled machine is to regularly clean and properly maintain it. Routine cleaning will help combat the oils, grime, sweat, and moisture due to humidity, which can wreak havoc on the playability, with the added advantage … Read more

Different types of Electric Guitars

Different Types of Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars are mainly used for playing Rock, Jazz, blues, and pop music. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars can make a very little sound on their own. Playing the metal strings makes the pickups beneath the strings generate electric sound signals. These signals first go to volume and tone controls and then to an amplifier … Read more

Types of Acoustic Guitars

Types of Acoustic Guitars

Guitars come in many body shapes, styles, sizes, materials, and numbers of strings. These different guitars can play different types of music. With so many types of instruments available in the market, it can be really overwhelming for anybody to decide which one to choose. But, the good news is that they all fall into … Read more