Joyo Flanger Review

Before effect pedals were made, flanger effects were created by using two altered-output recordings of the same track. These two recordings are played out of phase with manipulated speeds often by touching the tape reel to slow down one of the tracks, producing an ethereal woosh-ing sound. Flanger pedals have since grown in popularity to allow guitarists to play experimental sounds for various music genres such as rock, pop, indie, and others. While flanger pedals have a similar effect to phaser pedals, you may still consider picking one up for your pedalboard as the speed alterations in the sound make it its own distinct effect.

The Joyo JF-07 Classic Flanger guitar effect pedal is one of the pedals you come across while searching for affordable stompboxes to try out a new effect - in this case, a flanger effect. At just a little over $30, the JF-07 Classic Flanger pedal provides crisp flange sounds that can be used for practicing, performing, or recording songs. Compared to the Joyo Raptor Flanger, which is its more compact alternative, the Joyo Classic Flanger features a larger stompbox with high-quality electronics and true bypass at a cheaper price. From wave like chorus sounds to rapid-tremulous vibratos, the Joyo Classic Flanger can help guitarists add more flavor to their tone.

Should You Get One?

If you're looking for a great flanger effect pedal without busting the bank, the Joyo Classic Flanger is a must-get. It is a great way for beginners and even advanced musicians to experiment with flange sounds in their playing. Furthermore, the cheap price tag allows guitarists to spend their budget on more versatile and practical effects such as expensive overdrive, fuzz, clean boost, and reverb pedals. Playing around with the control knobs also lets you "feel-out" the effect and learn how to change up the sound to fit your playing. For an affordable yet great sounding and effective flange effect, this Joyo flanger pedal is one of the best choices in the market today.







JF 07

Joyo JF-07 Flanger

PRO's & CON's of Joyo JF-07 Flanger

Before we dive into our review, let's look at some of the pros and cons of the Joyo JF-07 Flanger:


  • True bypass allows your sound to stay clean when the pedal is not in use
  • Affordable and practical for guitarists of any skill level
  • Does not produce any noise when being used
  • Durable encasing with LED indicator
  • 9V battery and DC power supply compatibility


  • Does not have stereo output capabilities
  • Unnecessarily bulky case size takes up a lot of pedalboard space

Features and Benefits


Over several years in the industry, Joyo has gained a reputation for doing a great job when it comes to feature-packed affordable guitar pedals. They offer guitarists with simple yet effective guitar pedals that are ready to be added to their rigs right out of the box. This Joyo Classic Flanger upholds the brand's reputation by providing excellent flange sounds and versatility at such low price. Although the pedal has some drawbacks such as its bulky size being and mono output signal, it makes up for it with great features, sound, and affordability.

The JF-07 Classic Flanger also has four control knobs for regen, delay time, width, and speed, but are made with cheaper potentiometers that are stiff and less satisfying to turn. However, the quality of the internal electronics are commendable and uses a BBD simulation circuit. It also features true bypass switching which is rare for pedals below $50. True bypass switching in a flanger pedal is an overlooked yet massively useful feature and definitely would have been useful back in my performing days when I had modulation pedals usually turned off but connected just in case. The feature allows your guitar's signal and tone to remain pure and unaltered by the pedal's electronics when it's not in use.

The build quality of the JF-07 Classic Flanger's case is also excellent and will probably survive a couple of years of regular use - just enough time for you to decide if you want to invest in a more expensive flanger pedal. Furthermore, on the design of the pedal, the DC power port is situated right beside the input jack which can make for some awkward moments when connecting the pedal with the rest of your rig.

With all its practical and useful features, the Joyo Classic Flanger is a great investment at such an affordable price point. Despite its weaknesses, it is a great starter flange effect pedal to help beginners learn how to incorporate the effect into their playing or provide advanced guitarists with an inexpensive yet very effective pedal to take with them in gigs and recordings.


The JF-07 Classic Flanger has a straightforward and intuitive control panel with four knobs that you've probably also seen in other flanger pedals. What makes the JF-07 impressive though, is that it offers the same control and fine-tuning that the high-end flanger pedals have. You have full control over the parameters of the flange to make the effect seamlessly mix with your playing or crank the knobs up to make some weird yet inspiring experimental sounds.

For those unfamiliar with flanger pedals and their parameters, this section will briefly explain the regen, delay time, width, and speed knobs. First of all, the regen knob allows you to alter the feedback and control the number of repetitions you want. Delay time allows you to change the length of the delay to get a phase-shift sound or a chorus-and-flange effect. Width lets you change how pronounced the effect is in the mix by altering the strength of the effect. Finally, speed lets you manipulate the rate of the flanging effect for a swirly, fast sound, or a slow and wooshing one - it's all up to you.


When it comes to sound, the JF-07 Classic Flanger does its job - and it does it well with no gimmicks. It's a classic flange effect that allows for wave-like chorus sounds or rapid tremulous vibrato effects depending on your parameter settings. You can get nice and sweet swirls at low settings, and intense, rotary tones at its extremes. For its price range, the Joyo JF-07 Classic Flanger does not break up and produce noise - even at maximum settings when the effect can get wild. This is especially useful for recording musicians who value the fidelity of their signal and even performing guitarists looking to deliver a clean flanged sound to the audience without disturbing noises.

Furthermore, the pedal does not cause any tone-loss. It processes the input signal and puts it back out with a flanged effect, all in high-fidelity. Most musicians like myself prefer analog effects over digital ones for the organic and vintage feel, and the Joyo JF-07 has that pure and classic flange effect that I admire. The JF-07 Classic Flanger truly gives guitarists a bang for their buck and has the quality and effectiveness of a pedal at a much higher price point making it a must-get.

For a demonstration of the Joyo Classic Flanger, you may refer to the following video:

Social Proof of the Pedal

We now present some of the selected customer reviews of Joyo Flanger, that present the general sentiment and views of the users about the pedal. I would encourage you to look at as many such customer reviews as possible, till you are satisfied, about the suitability of the pedal for your requirement or otherwise.

Joyo Flanger Review 01

The user is not a regular user of the flange effect, so he did a lot of research and watched many demo videos before making the decision to purchase. He is very happy with the build and sound of the pedal.

Joyo Flanger Review 02

This user is an experienced player and bought this pedal as a replacement of much expensive make. He expresses his satisfaction with the build, range and performance of Joyo classic flanger in a very detailed review.

Joyo Flanger Review 03

The reviewer has presented his views on the plus and minus points of the pedal. On the positive side, he likes price, serviceability, tone and overall control features of the pedal. On the negative side, he  noticed quality issues with knobs, bypass button operation ,  location of 9V Ac adapter receptacle. However, the negative points are not the deal breakers, given the price point of the pedal.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, pedals like flanger offer a unique sound that most people wouldn't be able to tell if you were using a cheap or expensive one. Because of this, the JF-07 Classic Flanger pedal is a great choice for performing or recording artists looking for an affordable yet reliable flange effect stompbox that delivers a clean sound with a variety of possible parameter settings. It is also great for beginners trying to learn the parameters of a flanger and experiment with their sound.

The Joyo JF-07 Classic Flanger has a very affordable price and has everything that a guitarist could ever want from a stompbox: great sound, durable, easy to use, and affordable. Joyo did an incredible job of packing high-quality circuitry in a budget-friendly pedal to be enjoyed by guitarists of any skill level. Just like other guitar pedals, it can even be used for other instruments such as keyboards and bass guitars. As its only widely available flanger pedal, Joyo truly nailed it by giving guitarists more than what they paid for.

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