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9th chords

Do you want to add the 9th chord to your guitar playing? The 9th chords can add color to your music and develop you as a player. To incorporate them into your playing routine, it is also essential to know a bit of music theory behind their formation and the alteration possibilities. In this article, … Read more

First inversion

Do you want to learn the intricacies of the First Inversion Triads? The first inversion triads are formed by moving the lowest note of any triad an octave higher. They help you to have a melodic bassline, variety in your music, imperfect cadences, use diminished chords, etc. In this article, we will elaborate on their … Read more

Voice Leading

Do you want to learn voice leading in music? Voice leading is an essential component of modern-day common practice tonal music, where you arrange your notes of the chords in chord progressions so that their smooth linear relationship and interaction results in beautiful harmonies. In this article, you will learn part writing, different voices in … Read more

Non-chord Tones

Do you want to use non-chord tones in your music? The non-chord tones can spice up your music by providing movement, tension, and dissonance to it. The tension needs to be resolved by returning back to chord tones in subsequent chords. We will discuss various categories of non-chord tones, like accented and unaccented, and their … Read more