Nux Atlantic – Review Of Multi Delay & Reverb Effect Pedal


Every guitarist will need a reverb pedal at one point in their career. Reverb pedals produce a complex echo effect that thickens the sound of a guitar or emulates the behavior of sound inside an auditorium. They can be used for acoustic guitars and electric guitars when plugged in an amplifier, and can greatly improve the feel of your sound or tone compared to playing without any reverb.

Delay pedals are just as useful in adding some complexity or thickness to your guitar's sound. They do just as their name implies - they repeat the notes you play with a specific delay. Delay pedals are incredibly versatile in different settings and can be used to make it sound like the riff is being played by two guitars, or add some "meat" to your riff or solo by reducing the time interval. It can even be used for even more creative applications such as sustaining notes or layering riffs over each other.

The NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb pedal boasts two of these effects' features in one stompbox. NUX has produced many different digital and analog guitar effects pedals over the years, and the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb has got to be one of their best. The Atlantic Delay Reverb combines a reverb pedal and delay pedal into one, meaning you get to engage and disengage both effects simultaneously or alternately with only one product. The Atlantic Delay Reverb is their first take on a delay-reverb pedal and works great at what it's marketed to do. It features amazing sound, useful controls, and great features that make the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb a true bang for your buck. If you're interested, keep reading this NUX Atlantic review.

Should You Get It?

The NUX Atlantic pedal is great for guitarists who want a great sounding pedal that offers great reverb and delay effects to improve their sound in their next performances. The pedal is a 2-in-1 stompbox that also allows you to save money by spending on just one pedal for 2 effects. It is also great for those who want these effects but are also trying to maximize their pedalboard's space or make more room for future pedals and other effects.

Also, if you're looking for a great investment that will allow you to experiment and fiddle around with reverb and delay effects without busting the bank on high-end products in the market, the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is a great choice. While it is more expensive than other budget or mini delay and reverb effects, the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb offers superior sound and great reverb that competes with pedals sold at a higher price range - all while providing the added feature of a delay effect.

It's a great pedal that remains affordable while providing the durability and great performance that holds its own against higher-end delay and reverb effects. If you want a 2-in-1 pedal that will save you money and pedalboard space without sacrificing tone, the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is a must buy.

Nux Atlantic 01








Nux Atlantic Delay Reverb Pedal

PRO's & CON's of Nux Atlantic

Before we dive into our review, let's look at some of the pros and cons of the Nux Atlantic:


  • Toggle switch for spring, hall, or plate reverb effects
  • Toggle switch for '60s, '70s, and '80s delay modes with tap tempo feature
  • Inside routing allows you to choose which effect comes first
  • Has stereo compatibility to maximize reverb effect
  • Very good build quality


  • Some settings may distort your tone
  • Cellophane-like layer on the bottom may cause difficulty when installing on a pedalboard

Features and Benefits


The common misconception amongst guitarists looking to buy pedals is that Chinese brands offer poor quality pedals that eventually break without getting to maximize its use. However, Chinese brands such as NUX provide customers with high-quality pedals despite their affordable prices. In addition to this, they also produce pedals that have very useful and innovative features such as digital firmware updating via USB cables - and the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is one of these pedals.

In addition to its USB port, it also has a single 6.35 mm stereo compatible input jack and two outputs that allow for mono or stereo connections. Right beside these jacks is the 9V DC power supply port, which is also conveniently placed on top so that it reduces the space between stompboxes on a pedalboard. Personally, I love this design and wished all my pedals had a similar configuration to allow me to get more space to add another pedal or two to my board.

Many people might assume the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb has mediocre controls and sound due to its affordable price and 2-in-1 design, but you can rest assured that it provides excellent delay and reverb effects with different modes for each to add to its versatility. It allows you to select between three reverb modes: spring, hall, and plate reverb. Most pedals don't have this feature and I'm just glad to see a pedal that provides these modes. I know I will definitely have some more fun playing around with the hall reverb on this thing. The NUX Atlantix Delay Reverb also has a Shimmer mode that can be activated by holding down the reverb footswitch, creating a bright and rich reverb effect.

The NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb also has '60s tape, '70s analog, and '80s digital delay modes, all with different delay times. Furthermore, it has a tap-tempo feature that ranges from 125 ms to 1500 ms allowing you to customize the delay time to better suit your riff or solo. It also has a tap tempo feature that can be done by pressing on the left footswitch repeatedly, following the rhythm of a song.

Another feature of the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb that sets it apart from other 2-in-1 effect pedals is its inside routing. The inside routing feature allows you to select which one between the delay and reverb effect comes first in your signal chain. This is useful for setting up your chain to get different and unique effect interactions when engaging multiple pedals at once. It also has a variable input level to cater to high or low impedances. This input level control is found as a toggle switch beside the input jack, allowing for 4dB or -10dB input level settings. When it comes to features, this 2-in-1 effect pedal has a bunch of useful ones.

Nux Atlantic 02


The NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb has a handful of easy-to-use and useful knobs accompanying the two toggle switches for delay and reverb effect modes. It presents 5 parameter knobs while maintaining the layout's simplicity - although it may seem a little overwhelming upon first glance.

The two most noticeable knobs on the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb are the level knobs found on either side. Each of these is dedicated to the delay and reverb effects of the pedal, allowing you to change the intensity of both of them separately. The left level knob is for the delay and the right knob is for the reverb.

This separate level control feature can be overlooked but is a very useful and practical implementation for a 2-in-1 pedal such as the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb. The Repeat knob allows you to decrease or increase the repetitions produced by the delay effect, while the Time knob allows you to change the delay's intervals. There is also a decay knob for changing the time after the effects have faded out.

Above these knobs are the two toggle switches used to change effect modes as mentioned earlier. They are easy to use and small enough for toggle switches so that they don't get accidentally switched while stomping around your pedalboard. Two foot switches are also found - the left for the delay and tap tempo up to 1500 ms, and the right one for reverb which when held down activates the Shimmer reverb effect.


The NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb somehow allows for the alternate or simultaneous use of two widely used effects without sacrificing the quality of both. The delay effects are well defined and the reverb effects are lush and rich. The three modes for both effects increase the pedal's versatility and the number of possible settings allows it to support your sound in any performance. The shimmer feature also allows the reverb to stand out with a distinct character to make your guitar sing and produce some jaw-dropping riffs and solos.

The sound quality produced by the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is amazing considering its price and is a serious contender amongst a variety of higher-end delay and reverb effects. It's not the cheapest pedal in the market, but for what it offers and how great it sounds, you will get more than what you pay for.

For a demonstration of the NUX Atlantic's sound, refer to this video:

Social Proof of the Pedal

So far, you have read our views about Nux Atlantic Delay and Reverb pedal. Now let us present what the users of the product said about this effect pedal. Majority of the reviews we came across about Nux Atlantic Delay pedals are positive. We also encourage you to look for such reviews by yourself and listen to the online demonstrations to firm up your mind.

Nux Atlantic Review 01

This user echoes our view that by combining the two incredible effects, Nux Atlantic allows you to have more space on your pedalboard. He mentions the different delay types that the pedal offers and is happy with the quality and price range of Atlantic delay and Nux products in general.

Nux Atlantic Review 02

In this very detailed review, the user talks about loads of features like decimal cut, possibility to assign delay and reverb in cascaded effect one before the other, plate reverb and hall reverb. Reviewer has used Nux pedals earlier and finds them giving competition to the other big brands.

Nux Atlantic Review 03

This is another very detailed review, in which the user had found the product through google and then went  through a lot of youtube clips before purchasing it. He raves about the quality, features like tap tempo, level and feedback selections, shimmer effect, etc and recommends Nux Atlantic Delay to others.

In Conclusion

If you're after a great reverb and delay pedal that's affordable and has amazing sound quality, the NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is a perfect fit for your pedalboard. It has everything you could ever ask for from a pedal - 6.35 mm stereo and mono compatibility, 3 reverb and 3 delay modes, firmware updates through USB, tap tempo, and inside routing.

For an affordable 2-in-1 effect stompbox, there's not much more you can ask for. The NUX Atlantic Delay Reverb is perfect for those who want both reverb and delay pedals in their rig but want to maximize space in their board, and it works wonders for performances due to its amazing sound. You can check it out on Amazon and get one for yourself through this link:

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