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Filter Pedal – EQ, Wah & Envelope Filters

Filter Effect

Filter effects are also known as frequency-based effects. They primarily use the properties of filters to change the frequency spectral distribution or the phase of the audio signal. Some of their basic implementations include graphic equalizers, sweep type of frequency-based effects, where some filter function or an equalizer pattern is swept across a selected frequency … Read more

Modulation Effect Pedals

Modulation Effects

In electronics and telecommunications, modulation is defined as a process in which one or more properties of a periodic waveform is altered based on the information to be transmitted.The periodic waveform that gets altered is known as the carrier signal. When we talk of guitar modulation effects, it is not exactly the same process as … Read more

The 12 Best Guitar Pedal Brands

Guitar Pedal Brands

If you’ve been playing electric guitar for any length of time, you may already have a favorite pedal brand. And if you don’t yet have a favorite brand, it may be helpful to read about some of the best pedal manufacturers around. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best guitar pedal brands, … Read more