Schecter C1 Platinum

If you're looking for a mean-sounding metal guitar or a versatile rock machine, the Schecter C1 Platinum may well be the right choice for you. This guitar from Schecter is visually stunning, has plenty of powerful tone, and still manages to be relatively affordable. In our review, we'll take a look at some of the features that set the Platinum apart.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Metal Guitar

Before buying the Schecter C1 Platinum or a similar guitar, it's a good idea to consider a few things:
  • What pickups do you prefer? Most metal players have a fairly strong preference when it comes to the pickups they use. This one comes with an EMG 81 and 85--some metal players like them, and some don't.
  • What body style is best? Most metal guitars have solid bodies. As you likely know, a lot of solid body guitars have flat tops. This one has a carved top, which some players might prefer.
  • Do you need a whammy bar? A whammy bar or tremolo arm lets you bend strings further than you would be able to doing individual string bends. However, guitars with fixed bridges often have better tuning stability.
  • What scale length do you want? Guitars with the shorter 24.75" scale tend to be a little easier to play, while those with longer 25.5" scales have a tone that some have described as being like a chime, and they also tend to be more responsive.

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Schecter C1 Platinum

PRO's & CON's of Schecter C1 Platinum

But before we dive in, let's take a quick look at the pros and cons:


  • EMG 81 and EMG 85 active pickups give you tone with plenty of bite and versatility
  • Carved-top, solid-body design is both beautiful and ergonomic to play
  • Slim, playable three-piece mahogany neck warms up tone and is ideal for shredding
  • Unique platinum binding and fretboard inlays make it a visually distinctive instrument


  • Some buyers have said that clean tones on the Platinum don't sound nearly as good as those with some dirt
  • A few buyers have complained about fret buzz, difficulty with string bending, or both

Features and Benefits


In an electric guitar, the tonewoods used don't always matter as much as they do in acoustic guitar construction. Specifically, you need to take the wood used to make the body into account along with the pickups used (we'll get to those in a minute).

The C-1 Platinum is made with solid mahogany. This wood tends to be especially good for metal guitars, as its warmth and sustain have enough bite for metal while still maintaining tonal balance. If you want to hear mahogany played alongside other tonewoods, check out this interesting video comparison.

The double-cutaway body design on the C-1 Platinum is sometimes called an ultra access design. This means that you get easier access to frets further down the neck. Ultra access might not be a necessity if you're mostly playing power chords. However, if you're focusing on leads, the ultra access design is likely to make things a lot easier.


EMG pickups have a great reputation in the world of metal and hard rock, and the 81/85 combination found on the C-1 Platinum is used by countless hard rock guitarists.

This humbucker combination gives you plenty of tonal versatility--while the 81's sound is often described as "screaming" or "blistering," the Alnico-magnet-equipped 85 adds some warmth. This means that the C-1 Platinum is perfect for both well-rounded chords and well-defined leads. If you'd like to hear the combination in action, check out this video demo of the C-1 Platinum.

Neck and Playability

The C-1 Platinum has a maple neck, which is common in many electric guitars. Maple is a hard wood that resists warping over time. If it does warp in either direction, the two-way truss rod lets you easily adjust the neck. Some less expensive guitars only have a one-way truss rod, and very cheap guitars may have no truss rod at all, so this is a useful feature if you want to keep your C-1 Platinum playable.

Schecter Guitar Research calls the neck shape of this guitar a "slim C," so it's a little thinner than most. This is helpful if you need a guitar that's built for speed, and the C-1 Platinum definitely is. The tone is warmed up by the Tusq nut at the top of the neck. The addition of a Tusq nut may not seem like much, but on a guitar that's this affordable, including a Tusq nut is somewhat unusual.

As for the fretboard, it's made of ebony and comes with special platinum inlays. Ebony is a high-end fretboard material that adds some bite to your tone and is also highly playable. If you want to learn more about different fingerboard woods, this comparison video may be helpful.

It's also important to note that the neck of this guitar is slightly longer than some--it's a 25.5" scale, meaning you get a chime-like sound and excellent responsiveness.

Finish and Aesthetics

Finish isn't usually the most important thing to consider when buying a guitar, but the C-1 Platinum is unique enough that it deserves its own section. Schecter Guitar Research consistently comes up with unique and beautiful finishes. The C-1 Platinum is available in Satin Black and Satin Chrome. Both looks are ideal for rock or metal players, and the Satin Chrome especially makes for a standout appearance.

Both the Satin Black and Satin Chrome finishes come with unique platinum binding and fretboard inlays. Many players have noted that the C-1 Platinum not only sounds like a much more expensive instrument than it is--it looks like one, too. Check out the video above to see the finish for yourself.

Social Proof of the Guitar

If you can't try out the C-1 Platinum in person, reading other guitarists' opinions can be a helpful way to determine whether this is the right guitar for you. Here are some reviews we've found online:

Schecter C1 Platinum Review 01

This detailed review may be especially helpful for those who haven't played a Schecter guitar before. This reviewer was primarily an Epiphone player before, but they found that the C-1 Platinum had outstanding tone and playability for the price.

Schecter C1 Platinum Review 02

Like the review above it, this one expresses surprise that EMG pickups would come stock on any guitar, let alone one at this price range. Like many people who purchase this Schecter guitar, this person found it to be highly playable.

Schecter C1 Platinum Review 03

This balanced review points out a few potential issues with the C-1 Platinum. While some buyers seem to like the clean tones it produces, this person ran into some issues when playing clean at high volume. They also point out that the high string tension (likely due to the longer scale) may not be ideal for everyone.

Alternatives to Schecter C1 Platinum

Before purchasing the Schecter C 1 Platinum or any other instrument, it's often wise to look at some similar electric guitar options and compare. Here are three you may want to consider alongside this one:

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

How it Compares to Schecter C1 Platinum

  • Quilted maple top adds some bite to the tone and gives it a unique aesthetic
  • Some guitarists may prefer the pickups to the EMG 81/85 setup on the C-1 Platinum
  • Gothic cross inlays on a rosewood fretboard give it a distinctive look
  • It's a bit more expensive than the Platinum C-1


Schecter Guitar research has a reputation for producing quality yet affordable guitars for rock and metal, and the Hellraiser is a great option to consider alongside the C-1 Platinum. This one also has a mahogany carved-top body. The top is quilted maple, and it comes with EMG Active 81TW/89 pickups and a Tune-O-Matic bridge.

If you prefer the active pickups on this guitar and are looking for a bit of an aesthetic upgrade, be sure to check this one out!

Schecter Reaper-6

How It Compares To Schecter C1 Platinum

  • Lack of a tremolo bridge may be an issue for some players
  • Swamp ash body may be preferable for players who are looking for a mahogany alternative
  • Diamond Decimator pickups don't have the same reputation as EMG humbuckers, although some players may prefer them
  • Beautiful and distinctive appearance is ideal for players who want to stand out


The Reaper is another great metal option from Schecter Guitar Research. Notably, while the Reaper-6 is a double-cutaway design like the C-1 Platinum, it has a body made of swamp ash instead of mahogany. The poplar burl top is finished in satin burst, giving it a truly unique appearance. It comes with Diamond Decimator humbuckers and has a hard-tail bridge.

The Reaper-6 and the C-1 Platinum are just about the same price. But if you're looking for something a little different, be sure to check out the Reaper-6!

Schecter Omen-6

How It Compares To Schecter C1 Platinum

  • Budget-minded pickups likely won't offer the same tone as the active EMGs on the C-1 Platinum
  • Basswood body generally doesn't have the same great, sustain-heavy tone as mahogany
  • Like the Reaper, the Omen-6 also doesn't come with a tremolo arm
  • Given its affordable price, it offers excellent playability and remarkably good tone


If you like the Schecter C-1 Platinum but are on a bit of a tight budget, the Omen-6 might be a better option. This affordable alternative has a basswood body to keep costs lower, and it's equipped with Schecter's own Diamond Plus pickups. A slim maple neck with rosewood fretboard (complete with pearloid semi-goth inlays) helps keep it playable.

If you need a less-expensive option that can still shred, make sure you give this guitar a look!

In Conclusion

For those who like saturated tone and stunning good looks on an electric guitar, we think the Schecter C-1 Platinum is an outstanding choice. With active EMGs, a solid mahogany body, and classic Schecter playability, this is a guitar that offers the high-output, high-quality sound that rock and metal guitarists need. Even with all of its remarkable features, the C-1 Platinum still manages to be relatively affordable, too. Click here to check it out!

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