Donner Tutti Love Chorus Review

When it comes to guitars, amplifiers, and effect pedals, technology has come a long way, and innovations are introduced each year for better convenience, sound quality, build quality, and playability. Guitar effect pedals have been a staple for every guitar player’s rig throughout the years to add extra depth to their tone and introduce a … Read more

Mooer Ensemble King Review

OverviewA chorus pedal is a great addition to any guitarist’s stompbox collection not only because it is the most popular modulation effect among guitar players, but also because of the depth and texture it gives to one’s tone. Many modulation pedals have been produced over the years; and as mini pedals have grown in popularity, … Read more

Behringer Chorus Review

Chorus pedals offer guitarists the ability to create thicker sounds from their guitar. With proper settings and sound shaping, the chorus effect could even make a single guitar sound like several guitars playing all at once. With the richness, depth, and thickness it offers to the tone, a good chorus pedal is a great addition … Read more