Electric Guitar Tonewoods


Every guitarist likely knows a tonewood purist or two. And with the guitar world full of often-conflicting opinions, it can be difficult to determine which electric guitar tonewoods offer the sound that’s right for you. It may be helpful to realize that choosing a body wood for an electric guitar isn’t an exact science–you may … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Brands


If you’re in the market for an electric guitar, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of brand choices you have. Some guitar manufacturers focus on specific musical genres, while others focus on manufacturing instruments for a specific type of music. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best electric guitar … Read more

Electric Guitar History


The size of bands and orchestras in musical performances increased in the 19th Century, a period is known as the big band era. Public dancing in large groups became popular in the early 20th century. The use of acoustic guitars was confined to being a supporting instrument in such large music ensembles, with the volume … Read more

How does an Electric Guitar Work

How does an electric guitar works

The role of Acoustic guitars in large music ensembles was limited to one of support only. Electric guitars changed all that and earned tremendous popularity because of their ability to produce louder volume with distortion and richness in tone. So much so, that in present times it is difficult to comprehend any worthwhile soundtrack without … Read more

Different types of Electric Guitars

Different Types of Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars are mainly used for playing Rock, Jazz, blues, and pop music. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars can make a very little sound on their own. Playing the metal strings makes the pickups beneath the strings generate electric sound signals. These signals first go to volume and tone controls and then to an amplifier … Read more