Japanese Guitar Brands

Best Japanese Guitar Brands 01

Just about every guitarist will tell you that the best guitars are made in either Japan or the United States. These manufacturers make their guitars with greater attention to detail, resulting in a higher-quality product. Here are our picks for the best Japanese guitar brands. Our Selections: Best Japanese Guitar Brands 1. Yamaha Long considered … Read more

Kid Size Guitar

Kid Size Guitar

Your child’s journey into the world of learning guitar and music can be an exciting as well as challenging one. Like every parent, you want your child to start the adventure on the right foot. You won’t be helping their cause by putting usual size guitars into their hands. Different guitar sizes are available in … Read more

Guitar Sound

Guitar Sound

The majority of the texts on music available on the internet describe the sound of the instruments through words like volume, sound tones, timbre, attack, decay, overtones, balance, presence, dynamic range, sustain, projection, wraparound, etc. While the true meaning of these will be absolutely clear to you only by playing the instruments and looking for … Read more

Guitar String Gauges

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In our introductory article about the guitar strings, we discussed gut, nylon & steel strings along with details of the winding used on these strings. In this article, we will discuss the following topics: string gauge, categorization of strings based on gauge and the tension, issues faced by players due to the aging of strings … Read more

Guitar Strings

Steel Stringed Instruments

In the olden days, musical instrument strings were made from the intestines of sheep. For some unknown reasons, the term catgut was used to refer to these strings. Even today, some violin strings are made of sheep gut. The same craft guilds made strings for tennis and badminton racquets in those times. Metal wire strings … Read more

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitars

If you are about to buy or learn a guitar, there’s a good chance that you’ll unlock a new and exciting universe in music. And no matter how good you get, there will always be something new to learn and master. Whether it’s a new lick or a weird scale only you can understand, the … Read more