Modulation (Music) Theory

Modulation Music Theory

Modulation music theory allows you to shift between the music keys to spice up your music and create variety while ensuring musical unity. In this article, we will cover the relationship between the keys, requirements for modulation, and different types of modulation with their essential concepts and examples. Read the complete article to learn about … Read more

Roman Numeral Analysis in Music

Roman Numeral Analysis

Roman Numeral Analysis is a valuable technique for analyzing the chords and progressions in a piece of music. You can use it to transpose the standard progressions, like the circle of 5ths progressions or blues, to any key. In this article, you can learn about Roman numerals, their notations for triads, 7th chords, chord qualities, … Read more

Figured Bass

Figured Bass Symbols

An inversion represents a change to the intervals, voices, melodies, and chords. The figured bass notation is a way to represent the different inversions of the chords. The current article on the figured bass symbols covers its music theory, the inversions of triads and 7th chords and their diatonic numbers, the figured bass symbols, the … Read more

Voice Leading

Voce Leading Principles

Do you want to learn voice leading in music? Voice leading is an essential component of modern-day common practice tonal music, where you arrange your notes of the chords in chord progressions so that their smooth linear relationship and interaction results in beautiful harmonies. In this article, you will learn part writing, different voices in … Read more