7 String Guitar Tuning


The seven string guitar is a favorite among modern metal bands and some hard rock musicians. And while seven strings might sound unwieldy, some tunings aren’t that different from how you tune a six-string guitar. That additional string certainly adds some extra low-end growl. In this list, we’ll take a look at different 7 string … Read more

Chromatic Scale Guitar

Chromatic Scale

Major pentatonic. Minor pentatonic. Natural minor. Blues. The scales you can learn to play on guitar seem just about endless. But what about the chromatic scale? The chromatic scale is sometimes considered to be a “basic” scale in the music world because it includes all notes in Western music. Since this scale contains so many … Read more

Guitar Finger Exercises

The Spider Grip_2

Whether you’re new to playing guitar or are just stepping up your practice routine, you might have found that your fingers can’t seem to move fast enough. Or maybe you experience finger fatigue and muscle tension when barring chords or running through scales. That’s where guitar finger exercises come in. It might sound too good … Read more

Open Chords

Open Chords

If you’re a relatively new guitarist, you may have just learned the names of the six strings. The next step is learning a few open chords. These classic chords are fairly easy to play and have a rich, expansive sound. Here’s what you need to know about these chords and how to use them.Open Chords: … Read more