Herbie Hancock Masterclass


If you’ve been thinking about learning piano, you may already know about the seemingly endless wealth of online video lessons out there. Today, we’ll be looking at something a little different — the Herbie Hancock Masterclass.You may have heard Herbie Hancock’s name before. He’s known as one of the founding fathers of jazz piano, he’s … Read more

Flowkey Review


This innovative piano app helps you learn how to play the piano. Though it is more suited for those players who have never played piano before, it can help beginners, intermediate, and returning players alike in honing their piano playing skills. The particular feature that really sets it apart from others, in our opinion, is … Read more

Pianu – Review


Have you ever heard a popular song and wished you knew how to play it? Plenty of new piano players feel this way, and it’s no wonder that there are so many sites out there that focus on learning to play songs.One of these sites is Pianu, a bright website with an intuitive user interface. … Read more