Eventide H9 Review

Eventide has been in the audio effects business for nearly 50 years, and they’ve come a long way from the New York basement where they got their start. And while plenty of studios use their rackmount effects, famous musicians and hobbyists alike have found that Eventide stompbox effects and plugins offer the same unmistakable sound.Today, … Read more

Zoom G5N Review

Zoom has a big name in the multi-effects industry. They have a reputation for catering to every guitarist’s needs. No matter your skills or level of development, Zoom has the equipment to suit. They have many devices for guitarists. These range from the G1Xon for beginning players to the Zoom G5N multi-effects processor. The ‘N’ in … Read more

Digitech RP1000 Review

The RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System from DigiTech gives guitar players access to unlimited sound effects. However, you can still integrate with your favorite Amp and stompboxes. So, if you have a carefully crafted signature sound, you can keep it intact as you experiment endlessly. The Amp/Cabinet bypass switch allows you to shut off the internal … Read more

Pod HD500X Review

OverviewBack in the day, all guitar pedals were analog and digital pedal effects could only be achieved in post-processing after recording at a studio and not in live performances. Guitar pedals used many different circuits with various electronic components to alter the signal passing through and add distortion, delay, reverb, or modulation effects such as … Read more

Boss ME 25 Review

Boss is a division of Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer, specialising in musical equipment and accessories. Boss started its operation in mid 1970’s and is known for effect pedals for bass and electric guitars. Their launch of 6 game changing pedals in 1977, consisting of Overdrive (OD-1), Phaser (PH-1), Spectrum (SP-1), Equalizer (GE-6), Compressor (CS-1 … Read more