Fulltone Supa Trem Review

The Fulltone ST-1 Supa (the ‘ST’ stands for ‘Supa-Trem’) is an excellent tremolo pedal for any guitarist. Sure, the price can be a little high for some, but the stompbox itself is worth the money. It is a simple system to use, and it has excellent features and a well-thought-out design. At first glance, this pedal … Read more

Aguilar Octamizer Review

The Aguilar Octamizer is a type of bass effect pedal that generates a note an octave below your signal. The Octamizer promises superior tracking, clean sound, and durable steel construction.Aguilar Amplification’s New York-based team is a group of bass players and engineers with a reputable track record. The newest version of this pedal has a … Read more

Pedaltrain Classic 2 Review

When buying a pedalboard, what you want most is flexibility. The ability to swap components, remove what you don’t need, and play around with placements is invaluable. Portability is also vital. You want a board that you can carry with you to concerts, lessons, or the studio.  The Pedaltrain designed the Classic 2 with these needs in … Read more

EHX Knockout Review

The Electro-Harmonix Knockout Attack equalizer pedal brings surprising versatility to your guitar setup. Like any EQ pedal it allows you to boost or dampen specific frequencies of your tone, but takes a different approach with a two-pass filter system so simple even I could understand it, and I can barely spell “acoustics.” With just three knobs, … Read more

Helix LT Review

The Helix LT from Line 6 offers an all-in-one pedalboard that allows you to modify virtually every aspect of your guitar’s sound. Better yet, the Helix LT comes loaded with a ton of presets to help you hit the ground running with sparkly cleans, beefy distortions, and a variety of colorful effects based on some … Read more

Boss FV-500H Review

For over a decade, the BOSS FV-300 was the industry standard for volume pedals. More recently, Boss, one of the leaders in guitar effect pedals industry, has upped the game with the FV-500H. With a simple design and durable design, this mono, high-impedance device is a popular option. If you’re a guitarist, there aren’t a lot … Read more