Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

A Better Hold On The F310 Acoustic

Some guitars were made to be adored or hung on a wall forever. Others were made for rock stars while the F310 by Yamaha is ideal for the new guitarist. All of us have walked into fancy music shops just to be awed by the selection of instruments that exist. What I didn't realize at the time was that the higher-end models require more skill. You need a great deal of knowledge with experience to make a professional guitar sing.

I quickly learned this lesson. I saw that I had to develop my skills before I can justify putting a top dollar on a pro instrument. The solution I found is something that I think you can also take advantage of. Though sleek, humble and fundamental, the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar did more than fit well into my hands. This instrument gave me the foundation I needed to branch off into the real world of music.

The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is your answer to entering the guitar industry with the right education. When bought new, you'll receive educational materials and a complete kit to carry, play and store this beautiful instrument in.

What To Consider Before Buying This Instrument

Your entry into the world of music, as possible through the guitar, is what the F310 promises. You might be looking for a reasonable price tag for a guitar—with an even better standard of quality. Children and curious adults make the perfect candidates for this instrument. Just don't think that this is some sort of toy. The F310 is not an instrument for those who can't appreciate the finesse of a real guitar.

I realized this as soon as my hands lifted it. Let someone else buy this Yamaha if your kids don't possess the right maturity. You can't let the price tag fool you. You want to ask yourself about the ultimate level that you want to play. You should also consider the long-term potential in this instrument's use. It can be used for years after you've reached the playing level that you're now working to reach.

What I discovered was a full package with the following inside a single box:

  • A Playing Strap
  • A Few Picks
  • A Gig Case
  • An Educational DVD
  • Some Replacement Strings

Our Picks for Review




















Yamaha F310

Auditorium Guitar_2


  • Great Quality for Beginners
  • Easy to Hold and Control
  • Sustains Volume with a Light Touch


  • Might Lack Depth for Experienced Players
  • Uses Stocked-Steel String
  • Only Made with Common Woods

Features and Benefits

If you're not adapted to the parts and pieces of a guitar, then you'll need a close and personal look at all of the features of this one. Let's start with the areas that your fingers will directly rest on. These tonal positions create range and depth as you play. The small details can change the dynamic of sound. The features that make this instrument have to thus be known. Let's start with these nine specs and get a better understanding of your potential:

*1. A Fingerboard Of Rosewood

Rosewood is chosen for this guitar because it sustains a fantastic tone. The oils from your finger will also cure the wood, for rosewood is porous and grainy. Over time, the playing you do will actually make the wood better and easier to glide your hands across. The rosewood is also a dark wood, which has a great look when contrasted against the guitar's light, spruce body. All you have to do is wipe it down for frequent maintenance.

*2. A Steel String Setup

The twangy sound of conventional acoustic guitars is the result of steel strings. These strings are wounded with an outer layer of steel. The core synthetics inside are made from nylon fibres. This mix results in a dynamic sound that makes the most out of the natural woods of the F310 guitar. The specific sharpness found within this instrument is a result of strings that resound with a bright touch of steel.

*3. Scalloped Bracing

Various pieces of wood keep this guitar bonded as "a whole single piece of wood." The bracing, when scalloped, allows your guitar maker to bind the instrument without losing any quality in the sound or feel. The aerated patterns of scalloped cuts allow music to flow in and out of the instrument for the brightest impression possible. All you have to do is look in the soundhole. The notches you see are specific in their placements.

*4. A Full-Bodied Auditorium

The bold design of an FS concert style is used by this luthier to create a complete Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. This auditorium design is full from top to bottom. Unlike the popular look of a cutout, which is a missing piece where the fretboard meets the body, the F310 has a full guitar body—with the primary intent of improving sound. This piece remains on the Yamaha, for it helps the instrument to generate a substantial amount of extra volume.

*5. Your Sitka Spruce Top

The sides of this guitar are pieced together with treated meranti wood. However, the soundboard, which is called the top, is made from natural spruce with a light colour to it. It's this unique blend of wood that gives the Yamaha F310 its outstanding sound. The flexibility of the instrument, as it pertains to vast musical genres, is established from each panel. All pieces go through inspection before being granted a place within this guitar.

*6. Pieced Together By Hand

The final construction phases of this instrument are all done by hand. It's essential to understand the quality difference that you get when human input is involved. Unlike the large spectrum of instruments that go through a factory-machine line, this guitar is completed with the trained eye of luthier professionals. These experts know how each piece will influence a guitar's tone and its durability.

*7. Die-Cast Tuners

These chrome tuners were moulded by a special die and then cooled for greater metallic density. Guitar tuners have to deal with a great deal of pressure and tension. This requires that they are as strong as possible. Your strumming is enough to make cheap tuning knobs detune your instrument, so be cautious. The promise you get from a die-cast assembly is durability and an accurate sound.

*8. Built-In Electronics

Right from the box, the F310 Acoustic is equipped with battery power, an input jack, internal pickups and LED tuning displays. Yes, this certainly is an acoustic guitar, but performing for a large crowd requires electrical power. Your audio signal is picked up by the power jack. That signal is then converted into DC frequencies, which your amplifier can play with ease. The end result is more volume though sustaining the same acoustic sound.

*9. Soft And Sensitive Action

The "action," as established on a guitar, is defined as the distance that the strings sit from your fretboard. Any measurement that a luthier achieves dictates how easy the strings are to manipulate and control. Soft action means that you don't have to work too hard to get the sound you want and when. The Soft action is a huge advantage if you're going to test your skills and improve the control you have over all guitars.

Social Proof of the Guitar

Review By AudioFanzine User

"I love it!" This beginner enjoys the look and feels of the Yamaha as much as they did the sound. In developing an aptitude for the guitar, the F310 gave this player what they needed.

Review By Ultimate Guitar User

From action to the overall tone, the F310 has received a high rating from this site's buyers. It's being seen as an all-encompassing, versatile instrument.

Review By Amazon Buyer

Sixty-nine per cent of all the reviewers on Amazon gave this guitar a solid five stars. The specs that these players enjoyed the most included the kit of accessories, the ageless sound and the ideal fit for a beginner.

Alternatives to Yamaha F310

Luthiers across the planet have become keen to the needs of new guitarists. There are certain specs that you want to have if you're new to learning. The guitar can be unique and, thus, manipulated in so many ways. You need a solid foundation to start from.

Taking the right steps with your education ensures that you will not only wield a beginner guitar with ease. You will eventually possess the skills to play a higher level instrument. Alternative options on the market have to be considered. Here's a better look at the similar models that you have for learning the guitar:

Steel Stringed Instruments


An Agathis wood is used for this guitar—instead of mahogany. The rosewood fretboard of the Yamaha is also replaced by a pine fretboard with a darker colour. Additionally, you'll see the headstock slightly larger and rounded with an Ibanez.

Important Features

  • Built-In Electronics
  • Twangy, Steel String Sound
  • Earthy Spruce Tones
  • Good for Beginners

Try this instrument while seeing if you can find a difference in tone.

Steel Stringed Instruments


Fender took a bold step and laminated its mahogany top, unlike the F310's exposed woodgrain. This guitar comes with a small price tag for the beginning guitarist. The remaining body is mahogany, which is a great wood that the F310 only has for its pickguard. The CD-60S is made by a luthier that solely focuses on guitar making.

Important Features

  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Made in the Classic Steel String Body
  • Uses Stable Input Jacks
  • Both are Full-Bodied Auditoriums

The action on the Fender CD-60S is worth feeling and getting comfortable with.

Takamine GD20NS

Steel Stringed Instruments


Finished in natural satin, the GD11M-NS has a complete mahogany body for a smooth, warm sound. It can be found with a headstock that only Takamine is known for. Its plastic pickguard changes things up, for the Yamaha comes stock with a wooden option. You can expect the plastic to alter your sound just a bit.

Important Features

  • Both use rosewood for the Fingerboard
  • Both are Ideal for the Price Range
  • Each fits into the Specs of a Beginner's Model
  • The Two are Built with a Steel-String Sound

Feeling this instrument within your hands reveals what a good guitar is.

In Conclusion

Making sure that you have the best education as a guitarist calls for the right instrument. You don't want to move too fast, but you also want to have all of the necessary features that a more professional model possesses. The Yamaha F310 is an ideal place to start. With this guitar, you have a great sounding instrument. As you grow, it will last a lifetime with you. Though the Fender CD-60S does rival Yamaha's, you will find the F310 capable of standing the test of time.

This review has equipped you with all of the knowledge you need, so quickly click this portal to find a price that's worth bargaining for.

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