Digitech RP1000 Review

The RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System from DigiTech gives guitar players access to unlimited sound effects. However, you can still integrate with your favorite Amp and stompboxes. So, if you have a carefully crafted signature sound, you can keep it intact as you experiment endlessly. The Amp/Cabinet bypass switch allows you to shut off the internal effects to retain your familiar gear's sound. 

Customize effects for any sound, from retro classic to metal or acoustic. There are 160 internal stompboxes, effects, amps, and cabinets. Even better, you can be confident taking the system to the stage since it's built tough with 14 durable metal plunger switches and metal casing. With the added 20-second phrase Looper and optional foot controller, you can put on a one-person show.

Built-in factory effects give you 100 presets, but you can add in 100 more of your choosing. Then, easily access your favorites with the push of a switch.

Things to Consider Before Buying a DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System

Before you buy, note that DigiTech discontinued this system. First introduced over ten years ago, the model became the company's flagship model. At that time, it was a step up from the previous DigiTech RP500.

However, there are many reasons why it remains a great investment, particularly for live players. On stage, you'll appreciate the easy-to-see 10-character LED display. 

Most notably, it's solidly built and made for heavy use. Then, you'll note it's made to integrate with your gear, allowing you to choose your signature sound with ease. Therefore, it's more than a multi-effects processor and gives you some functionality of much more expensive pro rigs. 

On the other hand, if you are playing more as a hobby, you might consider less costly systems like the RP 355.

Unlike many systems, this one features ten heavy-duty preset switches to access them fast on the fly. However, you can bank through so many more with the Up and Down switches and customize effects to your heart's content in the matrix panel. Overall, it has tons of features but is also fairly easy to use and understand.








DigiTech RP1000 Multi-Effects

PRO's & CON's of DigiTech RP1000 Multi-Effects

The DigiTech RP1000 offers versatility and a wealth of built-in effects. However, it still has some pros and cons to consider.


  • Solidly built for stage use
  • Integrates with your gear, Amps, stompboxes
  • Bypass internal Amps
  • 100 factory effects, 100 user effects
  • 20-second Phrase Looping
  • 100 factory effects, 100 user effects
  • Works like 100 Pedalboards
  • Connects with USB to your PC for audio streaming
  • Included Cubase music production software
  • Compatible with downloadable X-edit Librarian software program
  • Built-in Expression pedal


  • A little more expensive than introductory systems
  • Plastic switches in the recessed Matrix panel (not a big problem)
  • A discontinued item from DigiTech
  • Momentary delay when switching between effects
  • Switches make a little bit of sound
  • The cheap power supply cord
  • No drum tracks

Features and Benefits

This one packs so many features as well as offering compatibility with your gear. 

Built-in Wah Pedal

The RP1000 comes with a built-in Expression (Wah) pedal, which controls volume swells, wah sweeps, and other parameters. Notably, you can set the Wah Pedal to control almost every effect parameter.

Since it uses a pressure switch, it can be hard to know for sure if you've turned on the pedal, which can pose a problem. This one packs so many features as well as offering compatibility with your gear. 

Built-in 20-second Phrase Looper

For one-person shows, you can record, overlay sounds with the Phrase Looper. This feature is also helpful for composing and practicing. You can use the Looper at any time, and an LED light on the switch indicates if you have Record, Play, or Overdub selected.

During use, the Up and Down bank switches control the Looper functions.

Built-in Chromatic Tuner

The built-in chromatic Tuner eliminates the need for an external tuner, and it's easily accessed with a footswitch. The two-character numeric display shows the note being tuned when the Tuner is enabled.

Pedalboard Mode Switch

With the flip of a switch, you activate Pedalboard mode, turning the metal switches 6 to 10 into controls for stompbox effects. By using the RP1000 switches, you can avoid having to use your foot to activate the pedals.

Amp/Cabinet Bypass Switch

Easily turn off the internal Amp and cabinet effects to revert to your external connected gear.

Effects Libraries and Presets

The RP1000 is loaded with over 160 Amps, Cabinets, Stompboxes, and other effects. Performers will find factory presets geared for most musical genres, but you can also load your own.

The preset modes include Clean, Chorus, Clean Solo, Acoustic, Overdrive, Metal, and more.

This one packs so many features as well as offering compatibility with your gear. 

Matrix Panel

Using the central Matrix panel and the Edit controls, you can toggle between the factory presets. LED lights indicate which effect row you are editing. As you perform, the LEDs indicate the effects in use.

In the center, there are six plastic dials for fine-tuning the sound. You can finely tune any sound you could possibly want, with AMP gains, master level controls, and more..

You can also learn more about what the individual knobs do in the owner's manual.

Ten Switches to Toggle Instant Presets

All ten switches can access one designated preset mode. Notably, there may be some signal drop when switching between presets, but it's very fast, as in 30 milliseconds. 

Remember, if you switch on the Pedalboard mode, then the switches change to work with stompboxes.

Unfortunately, there are no effect bleeds between presets. Therefore, if you are playing music with effects like reverberation, you might experience an abrupt change as the reverb instantly stops.

Tap Tempo Switch

Using this switch, you can tap a foot pedal to adjust the unit's delay effect to sync with your track. Thus, you can adjust the delay naturally and easily to match the rhythm.

Two LED Displays

The 10-character LED display is actually two separate displays: An eight-character alpha-numeric display followed by a two-character numeric display.  

The former display shows effects, bank, and present names while editing. Also, the two-character display to the right shows preset numbers, effects parameters, and works with the Tuner.

USB Jack

On the back, the USB Jack lets you hook up your computer. Then, you can use X-Edit editor librarian software. Or, you can stream up to four channels of audio and edit using recording software.

Importantly, the RP1000 can work with either Mac or Windows software, depending on which version you have installed.

Included Power Adapter 

Unfortunately, one slight drawback is the less-than-robust average power adapter that comes with the RP1000. So, it can be relatively easy to damage it. On the other hand, you can easily replace it.

Tone Library

The RP1000 comes with 40 preset tones to play with, including Rock, Metal, Country, British, and American tones.

Effects Library

As well as 40 tones, you also get over 40 preset effects, including a wide range of Reverbs and Delay effects.

Reviews from the Web

The DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System tends to get high marks from reviewers. Since it's been out for so many years, you would expect a wide range of negative and positive reviews. However, they are mostly happy with this system.

Digitech RP1000 Review 01

For example, the above reviewer is thrilled to be able to include a wide assortment of pedals.

Digitech RP1000 Review 02

In the review above, an RP1000 user notes that the unit works great for direct recording.

Digitech RP1000 Review 03

For a more critical review, this user was not satisfied with the factory preset effects. However, after regular use, they saved their personal preferences and started enjoying it.

In Conclusion

Is the DigiTech RP1000 Integrated-Effects Switching System for you? It's a time-tested super durable system with a wide range of features. Plus, it offers incredible flexibility for those who don't want to stop using their gear.

Overall it gets rave reviews, so for performers who take to the stage, it looks like a great purchase. For more casual players, you may opt for a less expensive system.

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