Mooer Ensemble King Review


A chorus pedal is a great addition to any guitarist's stompbox collection not only because it is the most popular modulation effect among guitar players, but also because of the depth and texture it gives to one's tone. Many modulation pedals have been produced over the years; and as mini pedals have grown in popularity, mini chorus stompboxes have found their way onto many pedalboards.

When searching for a pedal, two of the most important aspects aside from its sound quality is the size of the pedal and its price. Many people enjoy trying out various effects from different manufacturers, and mini pedals allow them to do so as they come at affordable prices and compact profiles. It is also great for adding in various modulation effects such as chorus stompboxes in your pedalboard while maximizing space and making room for other pedals.

The brand Mooer has gained quite a reputation in producing mini pedals at great prices that are enjoyed by many guitar players of varying skill levels. They have a wide array of compact stomp boxes with a quality level that holds its own against their competitors' products. With many renowned effects pedal brands in the United States market, Mooer has managed to maintain a presence by providing great bang-for-your-buck stompboxes. The Chinese brand also makes high-quality clones of famous boutique pedals that are rare and very expensive nowadays, allowing the average consumer to enjoy tones that very closely resemble their dream rig.

A hidden gem from the guitar effects company is the Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus pedal, which is a great sounding, affordable, durable, and very compact mini effects pedal. Just like any other mini pedal, the Ensemble King has a very small footprint and minimal control options. However, the sound is fantastic for both its price and size and will shock any chorus effect fans out there. If you want to know more about this great mini pedal, keep reading this Mooer Ensemble King review.

Should You Get It?

The Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus is perfect for beginners and professionals alike if they wish to experiment with the chorus effect, or simply try one out to see if they like the modulation effect before spending on higher-end chorus pedals. However, the Mooer Ensemble King also provides excellent sound quality and a textured, clear chorus sound that might even secure its spot in your rig after realizing that it does just as well as the expensive models out there.

The Ensemble King analog chorus is also perfect for live performers and musicians who prefer a lightweight and compact pedalboard. Its miniature size will allow you to build a very portable small pedalboard consisting of various mini pedals as your effects chain. I also highly recommend this pedal if you're not too picky on your modulation effects and would like to make more room for other essentials such as your overdrive, distortion, boost, reverb, or expression pedals.







Ensemble King

Moeoer Ensemble King - Analog Chorus

PRO's & CON's of Mooer Ensemble King

Before we dive deep into our review, let's look at some of the pros and cons of the Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus Pedal:


  • The very compact and small design saves space in your pedalboard
  • Has all the necessary knobs for full control over shaping the chorus sound
  • Amazing quality with a well textured and clear chorus sound despite the affordable price and small size
  • True bypass circuitry ensures that your tone is not affected when the pedal is disengaged
  • Well made analog circuit provides distinct character to the effect


  • No battery compatibility
  • No stereo output might disappoint fans of chorus effect

Features and Benefits


The Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus does not boast a lot of innovative features, which is understandable due to its affordable price and tiny size. Besides, there's not much else that people could want from a chorus stompbox aside from the practical features such as control over the important parameters and great tone - which this pedal has. Because the Mooer King Ensemble is an analog pedal, it has that authentic and rich chorus sound that more expensive alternatives have. And if you want a simple yet reliable modulation pedal that sounds great with any riff and solo, there's no reason to go for boutique pedals when you can get the same things out of this Mooer chorus pedal.

Its chassis is built with durable metal that can survive multiple nights of performances and thousands of stomps in gigs; meaning you can rest assured that it is fine despite all the abuse it gets when you get lost in the music and step forcefully on its tiny frame. The pedal also features a true bypass analog circuit design, which prevents the pedal from sucking out your tone when it's disengaged like other budget pedals tend to do. It is also worth mentioning that the pedal cannot be powered by a battery and requires a 9V DC power supply - which is not shocking for a pedal this size. With intuitive controls over a simple layout, great sound quality, durable build, and true bypass, there's nothing more you could want from a budget-friendly mini pedal such as the Ensemble King.


The controls on the Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus effect pedal has simple controls which are very practical for a pedal this size and considering the fact that chorus effects usually don't need more than three control knobs to shape the sound. It has one knob right above the LED indicator, and two smaller knobs situated on top of this. The larger knob is the Rate control, which allows users to change the speed and rate of sweeps of the modulation effect. Above this on the left side is a smaller knob for Level, which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effect applied to your signal. Beside this is another smaller knob to let users control the depth, which allows for control over the effect's intensity. Of course, there is also a standard footswitch found below the LED indicator.


The Mooer Ensemble King analog chorus will surely let you nail your dream tone despite its size and price. Its controls provide a wide range of possible settings - you could go from slow and deep sweeps to quick and exciting sounds to captivate or stun your audience during your next performance. It has a rich and full-textured effect that you wouldn't even expect from a miniature pedal in this price range. Regardless of the settings, the chorus remains clear and defined which is very impressive and comparable to higher-end pedals. In terms of chorus sounds, the Ensemble King can do anything you need it to do to accompany your riffs and solos.

For a demonstration of the Mooer Ensemble King, refer to this video:

In Conclusion

If you're looking for a budget stompbox that can provide the same quality as boutique chorus effect pedals, the Ensemble King is a perfect choice. It is very reliable and versatile despite its budget price tag and does its job very well. With all the analog chorus stompboxes available in the market nowadays, Mooer provides guitarists with a great product that serves as a contender against all the leading modulation pedals in the United States and the world.

It has all the necessary and practical features of a chorus stompbox and has a very small size to save space on your pedalboard. The price tag also allows you to feel safe purchasing it to try out the effect if you've never owned a chorus stompbox before. It is perfect for not only beginners but also professionals looking for a compact modulation pedal to add to their rig.

You can check it out on Amazon and get one for yourself through this link:

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