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Yamaha FG800 Review

If you’re looking for an affordable, entry-level guitar that’s uniquely suited to folk music, the Yamaha FG800 offers an attractive choice. It’s often hard to find an entry-level guitar with a rich sound. After all, manufacturers have to cut corners somewhere when it comes to price, and all too often, those corners are cut where … Read more

Cordoba C9 review

Overview of the Product  Cordoba C9 is one of the best all-solid, Spanish style, Nylon Stringed Classical Guitar available in the sub $1000 range. Use of solid wood results in better tone, resonance, sustain and overall sound. Cordoba was founded in the 1990s by Tim Miklaucic to revive Classical guitars, which were getting overshadowed by … Read more

Taylor 110E Review

If you’re at all familiar with the world of acoustic guitars, the chances are good that you’ve heard of Taylor Guitars. This company started in the 1970s, is now one of the foremost manufacturers of quality acoustic guitars. That said, Taylor guitars tend to be expensive, and if you’re on a budget, it can be hard to … Read more

Seagull S6 Review

As guitar manufacturers go, Seagull guitars are a relatively new one. Founded in a small Canadian village in 1982, this company hand-makes quality guitars from sustainably-sourced woods. And since part of the company’s ethos is to make affordable guitars with features found in more expensive models, a Seagull acoustic guitar will often perform above its pay grade. In particular, … Read more

Fender FA100 Review

Purchasing an entry-level acoustic guitar is a balancing act: you want something reliable enough to learn on, but you likely don’t want to spend a lot in case you decide you don’t want to continue playing. The Fender FA100 is a promising entry-level guitar for new players–it’s made by fender, which is one of the oldest and most reputable … Read more