Middle C

Middle C

Middle C is the first key beginners are told to locate, identify and play on the piano. Ever wondered why it is called middle C, what is its significance in the study of piano, and how to find it on the piano or in other instruments like a guitar? Read through the entire article to … Read more

Piano Warm Ups

Piano Warmup Exercises

Whether you’re new to piano playing or are experienced enough to be teaching piano, you probably want to warm up your hands before playing. If you’ve ever experienced the stiff, slow feeling of jumping right into a difficult piece, you probably would rather not experience it again. To help you avoid that, here are some … Read more

Easy Piano Songs

Easy Piano Songs

Learning to play piano can certainly be exciting. You start getting a sense of rhythm and learning the different notes. But lots of people start learning piano mostly to be able to play songs. And in most cases, you can start playing some piano songs for beginners almost as soon as you start learning! In … Read more

Piano Music Theory

001 - Why Learn Music Theory

If you’re a relatively new pianist, just figuring out how to navigate the piano keys can be tough. So when you think about learning piano theory, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if you give it a chance, you’ll find that even a passing familiarity with piano music theory can improve your playing and help … Read more

Chord Inversions In Piano

Piano Chord Inversions

As a musician, you already know how emotionally evocative a great chord progression can be. But part of the beauty of music is creating new and exciting soundscapes and textures. By understanding the basic music theory behind chord inversions, you’ll be able to make the chords you already know more expressive and nuanced. Chord Inversions … Read more